Plan for the Inevitable…

Pre-planning your funeral should be a natural part of life, because it provides you with time to make end-of-life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere. Start the online planning process now, or meet with one of our pre-planning advisors. It just makes sense.  Serving Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

Complete Dignified Cremation $995-Please Ask For Special Offers.

Mileage and certain other fees may apply. Please see our prices.

Our Charges Include:

• Transferring your loved one to Desert Lawn Funeral Home. (Within 30 miles. $2.00 extra per additional mile)

• Caring for the remains prior to cremation.

• Preparing the death certificate and permits.

• Coordinating with the local medical examiner/coroner if required.

• Administrative assistance for communications with the responsible parties.

• Managerial support to supervise and document the process.

• A cremation container made of approved material, in which the body is placed for cremation.

• The cremation itself.

• Alternative Container for the cremation process.

• A temporary container for the cremated remains.

• California Disposition Permit

• 1 Complimentary Certified California Death Certificate

• State Regulatory Fee-Included at no cost to your family

• Provision for pickup of the temporary container by an authorized person at our offices.

• Shipping cremated remains.($75.00 Additional)

• Cremation will take place upon receiving the California Disposition Permit. Standard Cremation is based on deceased being under 300 pounds and having no battery operated devices implanted.

  • Why Should I Plan Ahead

    Why Should I Plan Ahead

    You've got to admit it; no one should have to make these decisions for you. Giving a pre-plan to those you love gives everyone greater peace-of-mind. You can then live your life to the fullest, knowing you've done the right thing.

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  • Pre-Planning Checklist

    Pre-Planning Checklist

    There's a lot to consider when beginning the pre-planning process. Our checklist will give you the satisfaction of checking off each of the related tasks, knowing you're getting closer to the goal of completing your pre-need plan.

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  • Online Pre-Planning Form

    Online Pre-Planning Form

    We've developed a powerful online pre-planning tool. A password-protected account allows you to start your end-of-life plan and return to it as many times as you need to, until you're completely satisfied with your arrangements.

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